mustard mill

Description mustard mill
– rack made of stainless steel, section tube, wall thickness depends on the diameter of the
   stone, base for adjusting height, alternatively rolls for relocation, lock-type
– upper cover for lower mill stone 5mm V2A-plate casing, allignment by 3 screws, lower mill
   stone and 3 stone bolts for force fit
– metal through made of V2A
– side panel 1mm V2A – plate, screwable
– inspection flap for control, alternative
– millrind 45mm diameter, Haue (for balancing the running stone), cone seat with entrainer
– offset geared motor F42AG DM100LC4, hollow shaft with feather key groove, 57
   rotations/min, 2,2 kw engine power
– 1 pair of mill stones made of Plieskowitzer granite
– angular bearing made of V2A-material, free of maintenance,bearing V2A, covering plate,
   radial shaft seal food-safe made of PTFE, footstep bearing made of PTFE-casing with
  stainless steel inset
– running stones: handling through an acme screw threaded spindle V2A with synthetic nut
  for fine tuning
– stone crane made of 80mm section tube to reconnect for any mill
– electronic control, plug connection with emergency switch
– electronic smotth start-up control
– operating hours counter